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November 12-13, 2016
High school youth event with “Tall Turf Ministries.”

Tall Turf’s Vision: To pursue and advance God’s vision of wholeness, unity, justice, peace and healing for today’s increasingly diverse and urban world by rebuilding relationships that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of youth. http://www.tallturf.org/#/home/mission-vision-values

20 young people and adults from our Diocesan churches and 10 from Tall Turf Ministries – along with 2 program leaders. Only 1 person from our group was self-identified as not being “white”, and about 90% of the people from Tall Turf were.

Most of our young people had never experienced or participated in anti-racism/diversity training/racial reconciliation, while all the people from Tall Turf had. I don’t remember being with a group of people who were experiencing this eye-opening experience for the first time. They were invited to look at their place in society, along with privileges (or lack thereof). This was done through activities and experiential learning, lectures, and historical education.

Connecting with Tall Turf was a wonderful way to do this.
Most of the young people “of color” had already gone through this kind of experience, so they could help lead our young people in this experience. The kids from Tall Turf were a diverse group (different ages in high school, different genders, and different cultural backgrounds – Latina, black, etc.), they were well spoken, open, and welcoming to our group of new-comers. The young people from our diocese didn’t all know each other, so they could meet the kids from the other camp as they met kids from our diocese. They were also invited to be open and vulnerable, as the kids from Tall Turf modeled that.

While this experience may not “change lives,” it may change the course and change the thought process of some people.

I was impressed.

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