Youth Delegates

Youth Delegates to Diocesan Convention

From the Diocesan Canons (updated November 2017)

A person qualifies as a “youth delegate” if, in addition to being a member of a Parish and of this Church, that person is attending high school, or its equivalent. (Canon 1: o)

Two youth delegates and one alternate from each of the three mission regions shall be selected by each Region, at its first meeting following the preceding Diocesan Convention. The Region shall have the authority to fill any vacancies that occur in these two positions. (Canon 3 Section 3.04)

Four at-large youth delegates and four at-large alternates shall be appointed by the Bishop Diocesan with advice from relevant Diocesan committees. The Bishop Diocesan shall have the authority to fill any vacancies that may occur in these positions. (Canon 3 Section 3.04)

Did you know that we’re one of only a handful of dioceses that have youth delegates with seat, voice and vote? Each year we have a wonderful group of youth delegates that attend our Diocesan Convention. These delegates learn the workings of the church from the inside. They bring this knowledge home and many of them serve on their vestries, search committees and other committees in their home parishes. We are truly training a generation of leaders in our diocese.

Please choose your deanery youth delegate as soon as possible, so they can attend the deanery meetings and get to know the process. 

·        Currently in high school (or home schooled equivalent) 
·        An active member in good standing at an Episcopal church in the Diocese
·        Attend a pre-convention meeting (either in their own regionor another)
·        Attend the entire Diocesan Convention

·        Read and be ready to discuss and vote on all matters presented for Convention
·        Will conduct themselves in a mature and personally responsible way and will follow all rules set forth by the youth mentors and the Diocese of Western Michigan

How many youth delegates are there?
            A: There are 10 youth delegates (and 7 alternates)

How are the youth delegates chosen?
A:  6 youth delegates (and 3 alternates) are chosen by the regions (2 delegates and 1 alternate from each region).  They are chosen at the first meeting after each year’s convention.  4 youth delegates (and 4 alternates) are titled “at large” and are chosen by the Bishop.

How do I become a youth delegate?
           A: First you speak with your rector, senior warden, or youth leader in your parish. You can then be nominated (and chosen) to represented your region. If you are not chosen as a regional youth delegate you may also apply to become an "at-large" youth delegate. To do that, please contact Gennie Callard in the Diocesan Office (269-381-2710 x13 or

Once chosen, how do the youth delegates register for Convention?
            A:  The youth delegates register in the same way as other delegates

Once chosen, how do the youth delegates pay for Convention?
A:  Youth delegates are paid for out of the youth ministry line item in the diocesan budget. This includes room, registration, and meals

Who supervises the youth delegates?
A:  The youth delegates are primarily supervised by the “youth delegate mentors” – adults from the diocese who have previously worked with young people and understand convention.  

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