Episcopal Youth Event '17

July 10-15, 2017  (including a mission opportunity)
Cost per participant will be $400 
on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond
Open to youth currently in 9th – 12th grades, or equivalent

Our Diocese will be bringing a group of high school students and adult mentors. Participants will be chosen with an application process.  
Applications are due January 17, 2017

Concerning the Price
Each individual, with the support of their parish, will be expected to raise $400 toward the cost of the event.
The estimated total cost will be $900 per person: $350 for the event, plus approximately $200 for the mission and approximately $350 for travel.  We know that is more than most people can afford, so we will be finding additional funding through grants and the Diocesan budget for the remainder  
We see our delegation as pilgrims that we are sending forth to this experience, it is expected that the sponsoring parish will help the participant come up with the majority of the money.  Financial assistance will be available for youth who cannot get the funding. Do not let the cost of the event prevent you from attending!

What is the Episcopal Youth Event?  
Here’s a great video from the Diocese of California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbzKNxO0gvs 

EYE is a triennial event for the entire Episcopal Church (pronounced E-Y-E). High school students, their adult mentors, and Bishops from around the church)come together and live on a college campus for a little under a week.  Time is spent is worship (amazing, awesome and very memorable worship), large group presentations (to see a past one, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtMaFGcNau8), small group discussions on the presentations (youth lead), workshops on a variety of topics (from meditation to outreach to AIDS in the life of our church to knitting, and everything in between), and a lot of time hanging out and meeting people from around the world.  

About 1500 young people and their adult sponsors from all over the Episcopal Church gather for almost a week. Yes, people from all over attend this event (including the US, central and south America, Europe, and possibly Asia and even Africa). 
The days will be made up of amazing worship, fun activities, and workshops on relevant issues. The planning has just begun, so stay tuned for more information.

Why would a student want to go?
It’s excellent!  You can meet people from all over.  You’ll get to know people who share your beliefs and also some who’s disagree with your views, but with whom you can discuss differences and still be friends.  You’ll be able to take part in HUGE and EXCITING liturgy (people can volunteer as acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers).  You’ll take part in a mission activity where you’ll be helping people and serving God.  You may even learn some new things, grow and change as you broaden your experience and watch God move in others (and in yourself).  And you’ll be able to sleep in a college dorm and experience college cafeteria food (ok, maybe not a selling point, but still an experience!).  

Why would you want your child/parishioner to go?
In the west side of Michigan, we don’t get to know that many other Episcopalians, especially others our own age.  This is one time where they will be SURROUNDED by them.  This is also an opportunity to serve others – both through our mission activity and through being part of an intentional Christian community.  
Back in olden times (middle ages, not when I was a kid) communities used to send forth pilgrims.  Knowing that the entire community couldn’t travel to a holy place for prayer and supplication, they’d chose one person and send him to go to represent all.  This is what you would be doing.  The young person you send will grow and experience things in ways that we cannot yet imagine.  Then he and she will come back and bring that experience into your community.  You will all grow and change because of this one person’s experience.
While we encourage everyone to apply, we will be discerning the members of our delegation – meaning that some people may not be able to go.  The students and adult mentors live in the college dorms (eating dorm food). Because of this, the young people must be self-directed, agreeing to follow the rules of the program and our DiocesePreference will be given to Episcopal students (those of other denominations may apply), and we will do our best to make sure the delegation shows the diversity of our Diocese.  This isn’t intended to be a parish youth event – all those attending will be representing the entire Diocese, so we need to make sure that our delegation represents the whole of our Diocese.  

Who should apply? 
While we encourage everyone to apply, we will be bringing a delegation of diverse young leaders who represent the breadth of our diocese. We will be choosing people through an application process to ensure that the selected youth who are ready to experience the greater church and her diversity, and who also demonstrate capacity to bring home what they have experienced and learned to share with their peers and members of our diocese.  Please note that our diocese has never had to turn away people, as we have never filled our delegation.
We hope to have a diverse group of faithful, mature high schoolers and adult mentors who are enthused about learning, being empowering, and working with others to be disciples in the world.  All members of our delegation will need to be able to handle travel, to speak up in groups, to have a language to share their own faith journeys, and to be trustworthy in honoring the covenant for behavior required of all participants. 

Why is the application deadline so early?

Yes, applications are due January 17, but we don’t leave for another 6 months.  Why?  1) Because the event registrations will close when the spots are full.  As the event registration opens in January, we want to be sure to get spots.  2) Travel needs to be arranged, as we’ll be flying into Oklahoma.

You can find the event's facebook page here: www.facebook.com/EpiscopalYouthEvent/ 

To Apply
Each student who wishes to apply must have fill out the application, have parent/guardian fill out consent to apply, and have 2 (two) recommendations (and one must be from the parish priest or parish warden if you don't currently have a priest). If you have any questions or problems with this, do not hesitate to contact me.
Applications are due January 17, 2017

Youth Application: Click here for the youth application

Parent/Guardian Consent: Click here for the parent/guardian consent to apply

Recommendations (must have 2) Click here for the recommendation 

For Questions
Please contact Gennie Callard
Assistant to the Bishop for Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries
269-381-2710 x13

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